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1.2 Cap Inspection
What is EM-CAP?

The service life of a ship diminishes over time as a result of incurred damage and defects, even in cases where the ship is regularly repaired and maintained.

It is, therefore, essential for shipowners to assess the ship’s remaining service life to make plans for future repairs or replacement. Shipowners also need to obtain technical information on a ship's condition during its service life. To that end, KR has developed a ship condition assessment program called ‘EM-CAP’ which can provide owners with detailed information about a ship’s condition and its remaining service life. KR-CAP is an independent and thorough verification of the condition of a ship to provide shipowners with quality technical services regardless of the ship’s classification.

Our Services
  • Provision of information on ship's operating condition
  • Assistance with newbuilding order decision-making
  • Provision of information helping shipping companies developing their own rules for operating ships
  • Assistance with repair or investment decision-making
  • Provision of information on ship's condition to insurers
  • Assistance with substitute ship decision-making